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When this website was initiated in December 2004 (the period for which reliable statistics are available), there were 48,497 employees on the payroll of the various UN Organizations, worldwide. Out of this number, 10,088 were African, among who were: The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Commanders of the UN Peace Keeping Forces, Scientists, Medical Doctors and Technicians, Telecom Experts, Informaticians, Meteorologists, Administrators, Lawyers, Artisans, Economists Secretaries, Clerks, Pharmacists Labourers, Drivers Short- and long-term consultants, Nurses, Psychologists, Public Health Specialists and Logisticians.

These African experts have served or are serving UN Organizations in 134 countries around the world. About 40% of Africans in the UN system are internationally recruited, while 60% are recruited locally. Some of you are serving in the most dangerous and remotest corners of the world separated from your families and friends in order to make the world a better place for humanity. It is certain that the experiences you have acquired in your duty stations are worth sharing with other Africans in other parts of the world. The information you share through this website might save life or assist a colleague to advance his/her career.

In spite of the thin boundaries that divide and box Africans into different political systems, we in the UN system cannot afford to adopt individualistic stance and watch other races networking for effective role in the international system. In the changing global landscape, African Exchange will serve as a means of mobilizing the vast intellectual capital and resources to achieve a higher overall level of development and service to Africa through information sharing.