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African Exchange is open to both the current and former (fixed/short-term employees and consultants) African employees of the United Nations and other Governmental Organizations, irrespective of gender, age and profession. Friends of Africa are welcome. Join the team of Africans connecting Africans. Your membership is important for the building of an effective network of Africans in the international system.

Membership is free. Don’t miss or be missed out by your friends. Register today and join thousands of Africans in this 21st Century African renaissance. When you join African Exchange, you become an integral part of the largest international association of African workers fully dedicated to supporting other Africans in the international organizations. Use your career, experience and skill to put networking to work for Africans in the UN system.

To register, click on REGISTER found at the top right hand side of the Home Page and enter the following information: (a) your full name, (b) country of origin, (c) the UN agency you are/were affiliated with, (d) duty station, (e) profession, (f) functional title in the UN Agency (optional), (g) current employment status (active or retired), (h) valid email address (i) phone number (optional). After you have submitted this information, you will receive an email approving or disapproving your membership or asking for more information about your membership application.

What's Happening in Your Life?

Please give us information about yourself or other UN employees on matters relating to but not limited to the following:

  • newly recruited into the UN system
  • reassignment
  • promotion
  • retirement
  • transition
  • vacation
  • projects development
  • marriage
  • parenting
  • community services
  • politics
  • awards
  • sport
  • hospitalized
  • successful medical treatment
  • have you published a book or articles recently or know any of us who has published.

Share these events in your life with other members of the African Exchange. Publish this in the website for our consumption. The text should not be more than 150 words. Photographs are welcome and should be published in the Photo Gallery.